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Tableau Desktop: Fundamentals by Tore Levinsen

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Learn important Tableau Desktop concepts, techniques for simple and complex visualizations and interactive dashboards.

Duration: 16 Hours Training across 4 days

Dates: 8th, 18th, 25th and 29th October 2021

Time: 14:00 To 18:00


08.10.2021 - Tollbugata 34, T34-TAR-201

18.10.2021 - Tollbugata 17, TGR1, TAR1

25.10.2021 - Tollbugata 17, TGR1, TAR1

29.10.2021 - KUN-P3-02

Recommended for: 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students, Master students and Staff. The sessions are free of cost.

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What will you learn

Skills are taught in these four in-class sessions plus additional self-paced eLearning. This will prepare you with required knowledge to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification.

Some of the topics are:

  • Connect to your data.

  • Edit and save a data source.

  • Understand Tableau terminology.

  • Use the Tableau interface/paradigm to effectively create powerful visualizations.

  • Create basic calculations including basic arithmetic calculations, custom aggregations and ratios, date math, and quick table calculations.

  • Build dashboards to share visualizations.

  • Chart types like cross Tabs, Pie, bar charts, maps, dual axis, tree maps and scatter plots will be covered.

Who is the trainer

Tore is a Tableau Jedi with experience since version 7.0 of Tableau. He’s based in Bergen, Norway, and is one of Europe’s most merited Tableau Trainers, with over 1.300 people trained in 15 countries. He's also leader of Tableau User Group Norway and a Tableau Ambassador. He has over 20 years of experience as a consultant, advisor, doing pre-sales and as a trainer. He's been working with Tableau since filled maps and area charts were introduced. He has over 35 Tableau t-shirts and a growing swag compilation!

What is offered

In addition to the 16 hour training, we offer the following:

  • Coffee during the session and some fun working with data.

  • Community of students and staff interested in data analytics.

  • Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification for 25 students*.

  • Student assistant jobs working as Tableau trainers for Visual analytics in winter/spring semesters.

*Note: While this training is free, we will offer to pay for certification of students who will work with us as student assistants. More details about student assistant positions and certifications will will be made available at the start of the course.


  • The course is for Beginners, so if you are interested working with data it suits you. While no pre-requisite is required, we recommend willingness to spend time and effort to work with data using Tableau .

  • Participants need to have their own laptop with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep installed. The course is taught in a regular seminar room, not a computer lab. It is recommended that you bring a power cord for your own device. Please get your free student license here:

  • If you need help with licenses, please come to the venue on Day 1 i.e. 8th October 2021 at 1300.



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