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New publications with Masters students are under press!

The IDEAS Lab is happy to share some research publication updates with some of our master students (4 students from Kristiania University College, and 1 from TIAS School for Business and Society).

Well done to all of you!

1 - Øverdal, M., Haddara, M., Langseth, M. "Exploring Public Cloud-ERP Systems’ Impact on Organizational Performance". (IEEE).

2- Hansen, K., Haddara, M. , Langseth, M. "Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Methods in ERP Selection". (Elsevier).

3- Haddara, M. , Salazar, A., Langseth, M. "Exploring the Impact of GDPR on Big Data Analytics Operations in the E-Commerce Industry".(Elsevier). 4- Hansen, H, F., Haddara, M., Langseth. M. "Investigating ERP System Customization: A Focus on Cloud-ERP". (Elsevier).

5- Fidje E., Haddara M., Langseth M. "Sustainable Smart Waste Management Adoption Challenges in Developing Countries". (Elsevier).



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