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New Publication: “Enterprise Systems and Blockchain Technology: The Dominant Potentials"

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

A new article has just been published. The publication has been authored by two of the IDEAS Lab's researchers and a master student at Kristiania University College. Congratulations to the student.

Haddara, M., Norveel, J., Langseth, M., (2021). “Enterprise Systems and Blockchain Technology: The Dormant Potentials”. Procedia Computer Science 181, 562-571.

This paper surveys the current status of blockchain technologies integration and its potentials with enterprise systems’ (ES). The blockchain technology has received substantial attention since the recent cryptocurrency-boom. The corporate world seeks to stay on the blockchain-train by exploring how they can benefit from the evolving technology and platforms. Hence, this research explores the capabilities and potentials of blockchain technology illustrated in the extant literature and investigates how it can reinforce, and be integrated with enterprise systems through semi-structured interviews with subject matter experts. The literature and collected data were classified into four components of blockchain technologies; identity, assets, logistics, and transactions. Our main findings suggest that there is scarce literature on blockchain integration with ES. Nevertheless, there is a huge potential for this integration, specifically on the transactions, identity, and logistics dimensions. In addition, our interview results suggest that blockchains can reinforce ES by accomplishing a single source of truth, and a common environment for shared information amongst a larger scope of actors and organizations.

The full paper can be found via the following link :



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