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Maung Sein has won the Design Science Research Lifetime Achievement Award!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Maung Sein is the recipient of the 2022 lifetime achievement Design Science Research Award at DESRIST for his seminal contributions to the design science research community in the form of the action design research methodology. The methodology has been used not as ‘just a citation.’ The work has allowed scholars to express how "this is what we are doing" and demonstrate legitimacy in their work. It has given voice to a generation of scholars, not just in design science but across several disciplines! The community knows Maung for this stellar contribution and want to celebrate this achievement. But Maung's contributions go beyond that. Maung is gracious and generous with his time and advice for junior colleagues. He has been part of several doctoral consortia in the design science conferences, including leading these, has organized the conference two years in a row during the pandemic, and has continued to evangelize the message of design science in the broader IS community.

Congratulations Maung on the well-deserved award!



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