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Course on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Digital Twins, by Håkon Reisvang

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a free-of-charge course on AGI, Digital Twins, and BIM. The course is delivered by Håkon Reisvang, CEO of i4 Technologies.

The course will be held at the IDEAS Lab on Friday 13th of January from 10:00 to 15:00. Light meals and drinks will be served.

The course will include the following topics:

Part 1 - Spatial web, industry, real estate and what BIM really is about

- Context: What to expect

  • Spatial web – what will it look like?

    • What is a digital twin

    • AIM – asset information models

  • 4 technologies to computerfy the city

    • 5g for speed

    • Edge, for calculation

    • Cloud, for storage

    • Pointclouds/AR clouds for positioning

  • IoT – How do we interact with spatial web

    • Sensors

    • Tools

    • Devices

  • Speed of development

    • Exponential information technology

      • Moores Law

      • Law Of accelerating computing

    • Exponential information: evolution

  • Intro to Semantic web and Solid

Part 2 – Intelligence and Artificial intelligence – the problem of categorization

- How to plan for the expected by finding the best way to structure data, for maximum functionality

  • Intelligence (the problem of categorization = The problem of communication)

    • How does intelligence operate in /understand the world

      • Jordan Peterson – Maps of Meaning

      • Jeff Hawkins – Thousand Brains Theory of intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence (the problem of categorization = The problem of datastructure)

    • Patterns vs Concepts

      • Deep Learning

      • Ontologies

    • How do we model the world for AI

      • Semantic web

      • GraphDB’s – RDF and ontologies

      • Hierarchy of sience

      • Systems Thinking

      • Epistemology

    • Hospital example

      • Space mgmt.

      • Asset mgmt.

      • IoT

Part 3 – Collaboration

  • How will construction change – Lego and smart factories

  • How to do and coordinate requirements in BIM – ISO19650

  • How to do requirements – ValueFirst

  • Problem with contracts – how do we get to as-a-service



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